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In the year 2000, robot technology has advanced to an astounding 
level. Robot workers are common, and can be found performing 
duties in virtually every occupation around the world, from 
factory workers, to fireman and even nurses.

Doctor Boyton is the Head for the Ministry of Science. A brilliant 
professor who is dedicated to his work. For months, Doctor Boyton 
has been trying to create a new type of robot; A robot with a soul, 
a robot capable of human emotions. After many failed attempts, his 
son, Toby, suggests that his father creats a "boy robot". Inspired 
by his son's idea, Doctor Boyton relaunches his research with new 
found enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, Doctor Boyton's obsession with his research causes 
him to miss a lot of time with Toby. After breaking too many 
fatherly promises, Toby runs away from home and is tragically 
killed in a car accident. Doctor Boyton, driven mad by his grief, 
goes on to secretly complete his robot with a soul in the likeness 
of his son.

This robot, is AstroBoy. A thinking, caring robot with a heart and 

Living with his newly built parents "Mum" and "Dad" his sister Uran 
and his dog Jump, AstroBoy lives his life as normal and happily as 
he can. He goes to school and has made many friends along the way. 
However having the abilities that he does, it is sometimes hard to 
stay out of trouble. Especially after he finds out that he has a 
brother by the name of Atlas, who has a hatred for humans and the 
way they treat the robots of the world. Using this hatred, Atlas 
tries to eliminate the human race.

AstroBoy, along with Doctor Elefun, are sometimes asked to lend a 
hand to help where they can. This can lead them into catastrophe 
and peril. Although with a lot of effort and a bit of luck, they 
manage to make it through in the end. Most of the time.

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