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  1. Humble McBumble

  2. The Tale of Ferdinand Frog

  3. The Forest Fright

  4. It Could Happen...

  5. Who Did Patrick's Homework?

  6. Zaroff's Revenge

  7. Just Desert

Just Desert
She lowered the knife and it grew even brighter. The pumpkin let off an eerie glow as Daffy hesitated, and wiped beads of sweat off her forehead. The restaurant kitchen was hot and musty, but she still shivered with fear. Daffy didn't know why but she felt that something was wrong with cutting open the pumpkin. She was so jittery that when the phone rang she dropped the knife on the floor and jumped. Daffy took a second to calm down. Then she picked up the phone. "Hello. This is the Dessert dish, may I help you?" Daffy asked. As she waited for answer, she wondered why anyone would call her at 11:00 at night. Then the voice on the other end of the line said, "I'm one of your best customers, Molly. I just want to know which of your desserts has the least number of calories." Daffy thought for a second before answering, "Off the top of my head I'm not sure, but if you'll hold on I can check on the menu. I'll only be a minute." She shuffled into the dining room and flicked on the light. The tables were dark and shiny with red and white checkered table cloths. There was a bar at one end of the room that had swivel stools. They were covered in red cloth. The walls were white. All in all it looked pretty good. The grand opening had been five months ago, and the restaurant had done very well. Then Daffy went to the nearest table and picked up a menu. She then said to Molly, out of breath, "I have the menu right here. The dessert with the least amount of calories is Pumpkin Pie, and if you come in tomorrow I'm sure you can have a great pie. I just picked up a fresh pumpkin. It seemed to call out to me, and the way it glowed made me pick it." There was an uneasy silence on the other end. Finally Molly replied, "Oh, is that so?" Her voice was mischievous. "Well, can you check the menu again?" She asked in that same voice. One second later, Daffy heard a whirring sound through the telephone. What a strange noise. She went to check the menu again. Strangely the word dessert had changed to esert. "What ? How can that be?" Daffy said out loud. She went back to the phone. "Pumpkin pie Has the least calories. You know what I saw? On my menu the word dessert has changed to desert. Must have been a type-o," Daffy said. "Yah, must have been," Molly said "Well, I have to go. See you 'round," Molly said. Daffy went back to the pumpkin. As she lowered the knife, sweat came down her head. As she slowly laid the knife on the pumpkin even more sweat came. She drew back and chopped with all her might. The pumpkin was hard at first, then became soft. When she finally cut the pumpkin sand flew out. Daffy was so scared she couldn't move. Then a lone cactus flowed out. It had three points. The top one opened and water flowed out, creating a small waterfall. It flowed into the wooden bowl on the counter. It stood there for a second, then started to evaporate. It made a form in the sky. Then it turned solid. It was a demon. Daffy asked, "Who are you?" Daffy asked, quite scared. "I'm Alex de demon de desert DeBeers!" Alex roared. Alex was wearing a red cape and looked like a beast. He had short black fur all over his body. His eyes were red and they glared evilly. Alex had a sand colored staff with a huge cactus that was covered with huge black needle-like spikes. There were claws on his toes and fingers that were sharp enough to slice a board in half. The demon's voice was loud and raspy. He then boomed, "I want you to go on a mission for me." His voice seemed to make the walls shake. "What kind of mission? "Daffy asked. "I want you to give me a sacrifice," Alex hissed. He continued. "Then I'll give you treasure." "Let me think about it," Daffy said. Then, as she walked out of the room, greed consumed her like a black hole. Her eyes became angry and narrow. Daffy's mouth turned into a sneering line as she thought of working so late in the night for so little pay. Then the demon's voice interrupted her thoughts. "Are you finished thinking? I'm a busy demon!" Daffy had made up her mind. She stomped stormily to the kitchen to speak to the demon. "I have made up my mind Alex de Demon de Desert de Beers. Tell me where the treasure of Rascal Ritter is hidden!" Everybody in town over the age of five knew who Rascal Ritter was. He had been a pirate in the 1800's who was supposed to have buried the treasure of King Jarred in this town. It was supposed to be worth over 100,000,000 dollars in jewels. Nobody has ever found it, even though every tourist had tried. Nobody knows if the stories are true, but elders told them so convincingly that many adults believed them, including Daffy. Then Alex said in a dead whisper. "I need the sacrifice first." "What is that, "Daffy asked in a frightened voice. The demon sounded insulted that Daffy didn't know about his devilish ways. Then he yelled, "Human sacrifice! For every time I do your bidding you must give me a human that I can eat any way I want." At any other time Daffy would have been horrified at the thought of eating live humans. But greed can make people do crazy things they would never have thought of before. That is what made Daffy say, "My cousin, Craig, is coming tomorrow. I will bring him to you. I promise." But Alex de Demon de Desert de Beers was not trusting, so he said sharply,he chateau must be haunted he first thought but abruptly shook that thought from his head. Suddenly, out of the blue came a maniacal laugh. It echoed through the immense chateau. Slowly, a faint figure of a man appeared in the shadows; it was that of General Zaroff. Zaroff started to speak. "Hello Rainford. You thought that you had gotten rid of me, eh? Well, General Zaroff is not easily beaten. You are going to die and suffer, just as I have done.", he threatened. Rainsford opened his lips to utter a cry, but only a whisper was heard. Zaroff went on, "Maybe I should explain to you why you must die. You see, I was once a brave young man like yourself but one day as I was sailing a tidal wave completely crushed my yacht. I was the only survivor. I swam to shore and came upon this chateau. Had I known what evils lurked within its walls, I would have thought myself better off to have been drowned at sea. And you will too, my dear fellow, for the fate that awaits you is more bitter than death. The inhabitant of this Island welcomed me in and invited me to stay for as long as I pleased. He was a very trange man. Then one night, he killed me, with the very same knife that you see here." He pulled the foot long machette out of its sheath and the sharp blade glistened. Rainsford gasped, and seeing the knife, instinctively attempted to run away but his feet remained cemented to the floor, as if by some unseen force. Zaroff continued to speak. "He planned to sacrifice me to let the evil powers inside his body infest mine. Only then he would be free of The Curse. He arrived to this island the same way as you and I, and many men before him.When you arrived on this island I was no longer alive although I looked and acted perfectly normal. The chain goes on forever, so the evil shall stay alive!" "But why must I take your place?", demanded Rainsford. "You had your choice of all the sailors that arrived on this island. Why did you not choose one of them?", he continued. "The answer is simple." replied Zaroff. "Not just anyone can take my place. He must first pass a test to prove his worth. In your case it was the hunt, which you passed well. You shall be the next to carry on the torch. And may your soul rest in peace when you pass it on!" With these words, he raised his machette, ready to stab at Rainsford who was quicker. He dashed out of the pantry in his stocking feet, expertly dodging the knife that was thrust at him. With Zaroff hot on his trail, he climbed the staircase and enteed the bedroom. He was cornered. The only route of escape would bring him out the window to a one-hundred foot drop to the courtyard below, where the hounds awaited. They would certainly tear him to pieces, as they had done with Zaroff. Zaroff floated to where Rainsford stood. Again he lunged at Rainsford. He reacted, but not fast enough. Blood spurted from his lips as the knife's blade entered his throat. He took two steps backwards and fell out of the window. His body came into contact with the spongy earth and many cracking noises were heard, as if all the bones in his body were breaking. Rainsford was lucky to feel no more pain. He was dead. Zaroff's ghost watched as the famished hounds tore mercilessly at Rainsford's flesh. Zaroff gave a contented sigh and faded away. In the moonlight courtyard, the hounds were asleep. Rainsford's ghost rose slowly from the mangled remains of his body In the small yacht, heading towards Ship Trap island, the young man slept peacefully. He had no idea of what horrors fate held for him... The End

Who Did Patrick's Homework?
Patrick never did homework. "Too boring," he said. He played baseball and basketball and Nintendo instead. His teachers told him, "Patrick! Do your homework or you won't learn a thing." And it's true, sometimes he did feel like a ding-a-ling. But what could he do? He hated homework. Then on St. Patrick's Day his cat was playing with a little doll and he grabbed it away. To his surprise it wasn't a doll at all, but a man of the tiniest size. He had a little wool shirt with old fashioned britches and a high tall hat much like a witch's. He yelled, "Save me! Don't give me back to that cat. I'll grant you a wish, I promise you that." Patrick couldn't believe how lucky he was! Here was the answer to all of his problems. So he said, "Only if you do all my homework 'til the end of the semester, that's 35 days. If you do a good enough job, I could even get A's." The little man's face wrinkled like a dishcloth thrown in the hamper. He kicked his legs and doubled his fists and he grimaced and scowled and pursed his lips, "Oh, am I cursed! But I'll do it." And true to his word, that little elf began to do Patrick's homework. Except there was one glitch. The elf didn't always know what to do and he needed help. "Help me! Help me!" he'd say. And Patrick would have to help -- in whatever way. "I don't know this word," the elf squeeked while reading Patrick's homework. "Get me a dictionary. No, what's even better. Look up the word and sound it out by each letter." When it came to math, Patrick was out of luck. "What are times tables?" the elf shrieked. "We elves never need that. And addition and subtraction and division and fractions? Here, sit down beside me, you simply must guide me." Elves know nothing of human history, to them it's a mystery. So the little elf, already a shouter, just got louder "Go to the library, I need books. More and more books. And you can help me read them too." As a matter of fact every day in every way that little elf was a nag! Patrick was working harder than ever and was it a drag! He was staying up nights, had never felt so weary, was going to school with his eyes puffed and bleary. Finally the last day of school arrived and the elf was free to go. As for homework, there was no more, so he quietly and slyly slipped out the back door. Patrick got his A's; his classmates were amazed; his teachers smiled and were full of praise. And his parents? They wondered what had happened to Patrick. He was now the model kid. Cleaned his room, did his chores, was cheerful, never rude, like he had developed a whole new attitude. You see, in the end Patrick still thought he'd made that tiny man do all his homework. But I'll share a secret, just between you and me. It wasn't the elf; Patrick had done it himself! The End

It Could Happen...
One day, overnight, the world turned violet. Just about everything turned violet from the sky and ocean and mountains to the trees and animals and people and from the tallest skyscrapers to the tiniest ant. People sat around looking at one another wondering if they were dreaming. But nobody woke up and things stayed violet, all except for a single Blue Jay who hadn't changed color and stayed the brightest blue. Being the only thing in the world that wasn't violet, he was caught and put in a cage. People were shocked. Some were afraid and some were amazed and a few thought it funny, because along with everyone else, the President was very violet. Whole families were violet as were teachers, movie stars, doctors, nurses, gas station attendants, the Queen of England, the President of Mozambique, taxi-drivers, everybody. They went from place to place in their violet cars and buses and rode violet bikes and sat on violet furniture and ate violet food. Even Hershey's candy bars had turned all violet as had Skittles and M&M's. Girls generally thought this yucky, but some boys thought it was pretty neat. The smartest scientists in the world gathered to figure it out. Was something wrong with people's eyes or was it a trick of nature? They did studies and tests and analyzed and evaluated and debated and wrote article after article, but couldn't explain it. And no longer could people say they felt "blue" or were "green" with envy or had a "green" thumb. So what they said and how they said it began to change. Some people said violet was now the most important color in the world because it was everywhere. Others said that violet had no importance at all because there was too much of it. They discussed and argued, joined clubs, held debates, wrote books, and produced movies all about the issue of the importance or unimportance of the color violet. The color of the Blue Jay became a big issue because he had such a little bit of blue and the world had such a whole lot of violet. People argued about the importance of that. Some said the Blue Jay must be a very special bird or maybe not a bird at all because he alone had kept his true color. Others said this was silly, that the Blue Jay ate bird seed and drank water and fluffed his feathers and that other than his special color he was still just a bird. It was exactly one year to the day after the world had turned violet that people awoke to find the world had turned yellow. All except the Blue Jay. In some ways a yellow world isn't any different than a violet world. People simply said yellow instead of violet when they talked about things. Only now the Blue Jay was more important than ever because he alone had stayed the color blue and people argued about what that meant. They lined up for miles just to take a look at him. For the next two years, exactly on the day the world had turned violet and then yellow, it turned new colors: first orange and then pink. Still the Blue Jay stayed blue, causing ever greater disagreement -- until in the fifth year the whole world turned blue. The first thing people asked was what about the Blue Jay. Had he stayed blue? Yes, he was still the same color. No longer were there two colors in the world, but just one -- the color blue. And because the Blue Jay was a color like everybody and everything else people began to lose interest. Now that he was neither more nor less important crowds stopped coming and one day, six months into the year that the world had turned blue, somebody let him out of his cage and he flew off looking happy to be free. The very next morning the world regained its rainbow of colors as if nothing had ever happened. At first this was a novelty but soon people forgot the world had once been all violet. They forgot the world had once turned yellow, then orange, then pink, and then blue. They returned to saying they felt "blue" or were "green" with envy or had a "green" thumb. But on occasion they wondered where the Blue Jay had gone and how he was doing and, most of all, if he was still the color blue and what it had all meant. The End

Forest Fright
One day I was walking in the woods with my friend Kirsty. We were having a very good time. Then all the trees were shaking furiously, laughter filled the air, and right behind us a tree fell down and almost hit us! We were so scared we couldn't move. More trees fell down. I screamed. A bush moved and little men only 3 inches tall with axes ran towards us. 'Woodcutters!" Kirsty screamed. The little men froze, but everything else continued. The little men yelled "Halt!" and everything stopped. The men looked at us and left. We sat on the fallen tree behind us. Then without warning, the tree rose. Kirsty and I were both sitting near the top and managed to scramble onto the branches before it was impossible. Shrieks of laughter could be heard, but it died out as Kirsty opened her mouth to talk. "We have to get out of here!" she wailed. Then the tree we were in started to shake. "Hold on!" I screamed. The tree fell and Kirsty I ran all the way out of the woods. My sister went into the woods with her friend Rachel and then after a few minutes, the trees started shaking, we heard laughter, and trees started to fall. Not too long after, my sister and Rachel came out and four of us ran home. The End

The Tale of Ferdinand Frog
This is the tale of Ferdinand Frog And Samuel the slippery snake Ferdinand lived on a lily leaf Near the bank of Happiness Lake He sang all day in the sunshine And he croaked in the light of the moon To a discerning ear, a horrible sound To a frog - a wonderful tune. He mostly sang of a lady frog Who lived on a bank nearby Her name was Felicity Fogmore-Frog The apple of Ferdinand's eye When she came into view his heart skipped a beat (Which is strange 'cos frogs usually jump) And the sound of her name made his little legs leap And his throat developed a lump. He thought she wasn't even aware Of the feelings that he had She'd swim by his leaf with her nose in the air Making Ferdinand feel very sad Oh how he wished he could just let her know Of the love that he held in his heart Perhaps he could let it all out in a song - though He wasn't quite sure where to start! One day his friend Wrinkleskin Rat came around For a chat and a quick cup of tea He often popped in on a weekend Usually Saturday, just before three But this day he had some rather bad news Though he hoped not to cause any grief But when Ferdinand heard what the rat had to say Well, he very near fell off his leaf. Wrinkleskin said, and he felt it was true That rumour 'round Happiness lake Was Felicity Frog was being pursued By Samuel, the Slippery Snake Apparently Samuel had been to see Mrs Frogmore, Felicity's mother And promised his heart to Felicity Forever forsaking all others. But it seems that her Mum was extremely displeased And put Slippery Sam in his place And Felicity's Father turned purple with rage And insulted the snake to his face Well, Slippery Sam slithered away to his nest Licking his wounds and his pride (Snakes tongues are incredibly useful for this As they lick not just one but both sides). Felicity Fogmore was hiding away (She hated the slippery snake) She actually loved this frog that she'd seen On a leaf near the edge of the lake She swam past his leaf nearly every day But as yet he'd not spoken to her But she was saving her love for him Not for Slippery Sam that's for sure. As Slippery Sam left the Fogmore's home He vowed to Felicity's Dad That one day Felicity would be his own This snake certainly was bad He just didn't care who he hurt in his life Beware those who stood in his way Felicity Fogmore would soon be his wife If the snake had his wicked way But Ferdinand had other plans for him When he heard what the reptile had vowed He looked at his best friend Wrinkleskin And said "This must not be allowed The problem is what can I do? A frog is no match for a snake A frog's got to do what a frog's got to do But I don't know what action to take!" Wrinkleskin thought and furrowed his brow (that's how he got his name) "Perhaps we should go and see the Osmiroid Owl Who lives down Thinkalot Lane He's very old and very wise And I'm sure that he'll know what to do It's said that by just gazing into his eyes The answer to all will shine through." So Ferdinand Frog and Wrinkleskin Rat Climbed the bank of Happiness Lake As they got to the top they turned and looked back And pondered on what was at stake The future, the peace and tranquility That gave Happiness Lake it's name His love for life and Felicity Would ever they be the same? The stars were just kissing the daytime goodbye As the Frog and the Rat set away Their journey would take them through 'Many-a-Mile' Though they hoped to arrive the next day 'Many-a-Mile' is the name of the wood Where Osmiroid Owl can be found He sits at the top of the tallest tree Sees all, and hears every sound. So Ferdinand hopped and Wrinkleskin scampered Through darkness to light of the day Though often they wanted to stop and rest They knew they shouldn't delay Each moment that passed Slippery Sam Would be planning his evil attack They needed the wisdom of Osmiroid Owl So forward, and never look back. As the glow of the sun made the morning smile They hurried forward and on 'Til they saw the trees of 'Many-a-Mile' And heard the sweet sound of it's song The song of the birds and the wind in the trees Gave 'Many-a-Mile' it's own sound But as the pair set foot in the wood They knew there was danger around. If someone enters 'Many-a-Mile' As first they set foot in the wood Osmiroid Owl is aware that they're there And whether they're bad or they're good He knows all that happpens within his domain Those who return, and those who remain He immediately knew of the Frog and the Rat He even knew both of their names. As the pair travelled deeper into the wood The day grew darker than night The trees seemed to whisper "beware,beware" And Wrinkleskin trembled with fright And though Ferdinand's heart beat violently He knew that he had to be brave His thoughts turned to lovely Felicity And the love he determined to save. The wood had grown silent, but suddenly They both heard a hissing sound Then another behind, and another in front And they knew there were snakes all around The news of their mission had spread far and wide And when Slippery Sam had heard He'd sent out a message to all his snake friends Stop the Frog and the Rat was the word. As the snakes slithered nearer the Frog and the Rat Were frozen with fright and with fear. Then instantly hundreds of lights filled the air And the darkness started to clear Ferdinand couldn't believe his eyes Tiny lights dancing there, jumping here And the tails of the snakes as they slithered away In a minute they'd all disappeared. Slowly the lights one by one flickered out 'till just three or four glowed nearby And Ferdinand gazed at their colour and beauty And remembered from ages gone by How his Mother had told him when he was no more Than a tadpole in Happiness Lake How the spirits of nature, some call them fairies Protect those who evil forsake. Then just as the last fairy light flickered out The Frog felt his feet leave the ground He hadn't just hopped, he was quite sure of that Anyway - he still hadn't come down He looked down below and there were the trees Then a voice whispered gentle and kind But not in his ears like a normal voice would This voice was there inside his mind. "Do not be afraid" it reassured him "You are safe in the arms of a friend Osmiroid sent me to look after you, There's no cause to be frightened again I'm Endroglen Eagle, King of the Sky And friend of all those who seek good I take you to Osmiroid, wisest of Owls And eldest of all in the wood." Ferdinand's heart beat loudly with pride As they glided with ease through the sky Held fast by one claw he glanced to the side couldn't believe his eyes Wrinkleskin Rat was right beside him, Held safely by Endroglen His eyes were shut tight for he didn't like heights His wrinkles swept back by the wind. Wrinkleskin opened one eye and he smiled For he had heard Endroglen too Then he gazed down below on 'Many-a-Mile' To a Rat an amazing view And there like a pencil line drawn through the trees Thinkalot Lane could be seen With one tree that towered o'er the rest of the wood Here was Osmiroid's home, 'Evergreen'. Endroglen slowly circled the tree Then he gently loosened his grasp The Frog and the Rat dropped safely down To a platform of feathers and grass And there to greet them a beautiful Owl With feathers of purest white And eyes of the deepest blue in the sea And an aura of shimmering light. Again the sound of a voice filled their minds A strong voice yet gentle and clear "My name is Starlight the Messenger And I will watch over you here You are safe in the house of Osmiroid And soon with him you shall speak The wisest of Owls shall guide your path And point to the wisdom you seek." "But first you must freshen your spirits, And cleanse your bodies and minds The hours are many since last you slept So now, leave your journey behind" So there on the platform of feathers and grass The pair lay softly to rest The toil of their journey slipped quickly away In the purple of sub-consciousness. Deep in his sleep state Ferdinand dreamed That he and Wrinkleskin both Dined and drank to their hearts content All the things.that Frogs and Rats love He dreamed that they swam in a beautiful pool Where the water was shimmering blue And when he jumped out, all his fears and his doubts Were gone, there was love shining through And he dreamed that Starlight the Messenger Took him inside 'Evergreen' In the trunk of the tree the most beautiful glow Of colours that he'd never seen And on Starlight's back he flew up and up 'Til he thought that they may never stop He couldn't work out how outside the tree He appeared to have been at the top. And as they flew higher the dream became brighter And brighter, too bright for his eyes 'Til with eyes shut tightly Ferdinand found He could see - yet he wasn't surprised. For here in his dream nothing surprised him Everything seemed to be right And suddenly Osmiroid Owl was before him All knowing, the source of the light. Once more he could hear a voice in his mind This time he heard Osmiroid speak "Wise is the Frog who looks to a master For help in the path that he seeks But wiser still is the creature who looks For the wisdom that's hidden within For there is the answer to all of lifes problems, Where our seeking should end and begin." "Go forward Ferdinand, back to your home Return to the future you make Face Slippery Sam in a way of your own This is how you'll defeat such a snake When you look in the eyes of the bravest Frog Who exists in the whole of the land The strength that you need to beat Slippery Sam Will be there at your command." Osmiroid stood in a glow of gold And slowly, like mist, he was gone In Ferdinand's mind the last words he heard Like the sound of a wonderous song "Love is the answer, love is the way Love is your reason to live Love is the purpose for which we exist Love is measured by how much we give." Then to Ferdinand's dream came Endroglen Who carried him high in the air The clouds were below and the stars were above And his world was waiting somewhere Then just as he thought of Felicity With a start he was wide, wide awake And sitting alone on a Silly leaf By the bank of Happiness Lake. The sun was just rising, he looked all around On the bank there was Wrinkleskin Wrinkleskin said "Hey, Ferdinand I've had this incredible dream I dreamed that we journeyed to Thinkalot Lane" But Wrinkleskin stopped as he spoke For Slippery Sam had slid up on him And with one move had bitten his throat. Confusion and fear filled Ferdinand's mind But he leapt without thought for the shore His love for his friend pushed his terror behind And he thought of the danger no more He was no match for Sam as the battle began The snake coiled around Ferdinand As the breath left his body he remembered the dream, Could this be the way it's all planned? Love, think of love he said to himself. He thought of Felicity But the strength wasn't there, his life force was fading Where could the answer be? As the snake gripped him tighter he rolled to the bank On the edge he gazed into the lake He saw his reflection, looked into his eyes And at once knew the moves he should make. Deep within himself lay the strength that he needed There with the love in his soul He knew what to do to beat Slippery Sam Just as the Owl had foretold He rolled off the bank and in to the water Taking the Snake down with him. He held fast to Sam, deeper and deeper He knew that Sam couldn't swim. But unlike a Frog who can breath underwater Sam couldn't survive in the lake He wouldn't let go 'til the Snake had stopped wriggling He couldn't afford one mistake As he climbed to the shore the Snake was no more And a smile lit up Ferdinand He knew that his dream was far more than it seemed Bravest Frog in the whole of the land. Ferdinand hopped straight to Wrinkleskin Who lay very still on the bank A tear trickled down the little frogs face, As he cradled his friend his heart sank There was barely a movement in Wrinkleskin's chest The Frog didn't know nvhat to do But just then a vision came into his mind The pool of shimmering blue He pictured himself and Wrinkleskin In the pool as they were in his dream The blue light surrounding both of them The water so pure and so clean And as he looked down at his friend in his arms A blue glow surrounded the pair The rat's wounds were gone and his eyes twinkled brightly Then again, Starlight's voice filled the air. "Your love for your friend has saved him You have healed with the power of your mind You have passed every trial set before you Now the love that you seek you will find The power of the mind is wonderous And the power of love unsurpassed You have proved yourself well Ferdinand Frog Your reward is the love that you ask. We will see you again Ferdinand More adventures are waiting for you So remember the lessons that you have learned Both you and Wrinkleskin too No prayer that you pray will be wasted No wish that you make, unheard Each thought that you think - we listen. To the good, and the bad, every word." As the voice of Starlight faded The morning sun climbed in the sky Ferdinand looked at Wrinkleskin Tears of happiness filled their eyes They had both grown in mind and in spirit While defeating the Slippery Snake Now life could never be quite the same For those at Happiness Lake. They still tell the tale of Ferdinand Frog Who married Felicity Of Wrinkleskin Rat, their very good friend Who used to pop in for tea Of how love conquered all at Happiness Lake Of how love meant the end for a slippery snake Of the hundreds of tadpoles their true love did make How the love that you give Is equal - To the love - You make. The End

Humble McBumble
The mountain was huge but his home was tiny. Humble McBumble lived all alone in a wee hut half way up Ben Macdui which is in Scotland. His hut was built out of pine from the forest and nearly everything that he ever needed he was able to get from either the forest or somewhere else on the mountain. He wasn't very tall but he was very old and very wise. He had a long ginger beard and wore a really funny floppy hat and he wore a kilt (even in the winter). Although I said he lived all alone he still had lots of friends. All the animals and the birds were his friends and he had different names for almost all of them. The air was becoming cold and flocks of birds were flying south towards the sun, winter was nearly here. All the golden coloured leaves from the trees had fallen to the ground and the mountain looked very bleak.Some of the animals who lived in the forest had, for along time been gathering food for their hibernation and they would soon be going to sleep for a long time..until the spring! This story is about one of those animals that lived in the forest, Johan the fox. Johan the fox was strolling through the forest one morning in the middle of December looking for breakfast. The weather was bad, snow lie on the ground and the wind was getting stronger. Food was scarce at this time of year so Johan had to search further than usual and the snow and the wind made hunting very difficult. The wind was getting much stronger and Johan wanted to turn back and head for home but he said "just a little further, I'm too hungry to go home without eating," But just then the wind howled through the trees. Johan didn't realise he was walking under a slightly rotten tree. He heard a long cracking sound and as he turned around to see where the noise was coming from he saw the huge dark tree crashing toward him ,he started to fast as he could but his paws were getting caught in the deep snow. He thought he had just escaped when the tree crashed to ground right beside him and just as he was about to make his final bound to freedom the trunk of the tree rolled over and just gently rolled on his tail. Poor Johan ! There he was, hungry, a long way from home and his tail trapped under a huge heavy tree, he wasn't happy at all. Luckily though because the snow was soft, it didn't hurt very much, but no matter how hard he tried, the tail would just not free itself. Just at that moment it started to snow again and Johan had a horrible thought....if it snowed too heavily and for quite along time the snow would rise above his head and he wouldn't be able to breath! Now he was very worried. That morning Humble McBumble was out for his usual early morning stroll through the forest, he hadn't walked far when he thought he heard very quiet cry what was that noise? he muttered to himself but supposed it was just the wind and carried on walking. Then he heard it again and started to look around to see if he could see where it as coming from. He heard it again and this time was able to tell that it came from the direction of a fallen tree. Rushing as fast as his old spindly legs would carry him, he worked his way through the snow. When he arrived at the fallen tree he couldn't see anybody...until he peered over the other side and there lay a small fox curled up and sheltering from the wind and snow. "Johan ! What are you doing there?" The wind blew this rotten tree over and it rolled on to my tail as I tried to run away," wimpered Johan, he was becoming very cold."I've been here for hours and the level of the snow is slowly getting higher and I've tried everything I can think of to get free but my tail just will not come free" he said. Well, I'll just have to give it a push and you can be on your way but Humble McBumble wasn't very strong and try as he might he just couldn't move the tree. "OK" he said, "we'll try something else,now let me think...mmm .. After some serious thinking and much head scratching he eventually said" I know what we'll do" and off he went searching around the forest floor. He returned with a branch from one of the pine trees that had also fallen in the wind and he tried to lever the tree trunk off of Johan's tail but he was just not strong enough and the tail stayed trapped under the tree. Humble McBumble took a step backwards and looked at the tree trunk and then looked at the fox, then back to the tree trunk and then again back to the fox, then he looked at the snow that lay all around him and then he looked up at the sky, it didn't look if it was going to stop snowing for a long time...something had to be done quickly. Humble McBumble had an idea. He hurried back to his hut and when he eventually got there he disapeared for a short while into his tool shed and then all of a sudden he came rushing out carrying a large saw. Back into the forest he went, hoping to remember the way because of course the snow had covered his footprints. As he struggled through the snow he thought to himself I hope I'm quick enough I couldnt bare the thought of Johan dying under the snow. The snow fell even heavier and the wind howled even louder but Humble McBumble kept on going. Eventually he came across the place where Johan had been lying but all he could see was the tree trunk and white snow covering the ground and he thought he was to late but just then he saw a little brown nose poke its way through the snow, he rushed over and started digging at the snow with his hand and ther was Johan, still alive. His idea was a clever one. He was going to saw the tree, not into half but into three pieces, two long pieces at each end and a small one in the middle where Johans tail was so that the small piece wouldn't be very heavy and therefore easy to move. This was exactly what he did. He was absolutely exausted when he had finished but he was able to roll the middle piece off of Johans tail and pick him up in his arms and wrap him in a blanket which he had also brought. Humble McBumble carried Johan slowly back to his hut. He lit a nice warm fire and cooked a lovely pot of "hot forest" soup for them both. It was getting late now and Humble McBumble and Johan had had a hard day, they were very tired and decided to go to sleep in front of the fire, Johan on the rug and Humble McBumble in his favorite chair. When they woke up in the morning they both agreed that it would be wonderful if Johan could stay with Humble McBumble for the whole of the winter and that is exactly what happened. The End
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