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Once upon a time there was a young Prince who lived in a 
magnificent castle. One cold night, an old woman offered 
him a rose in exchange for shelter. The Prince, repulsed 
by her appearance, sent her away. She then transformed 
herself into a beautiful enchantress and put a spell on 
the Prince and his entire castle to punish him for his 
selfishness. She gave him a magic mirror and an enchanted 
rose. The flower would bloom until his 21st birthday. If 
by that day, the Prince was not shown true love despite 
his beastly appearance, he would remain a beast forever. 

Many years have passed. Not far from the castle, in a 
small village lived a beautiful young woman named Belle. 
She was so preocupied by her book that she didn't notice 
Gaston, the village's most "eligible bachelor". Gaston 
had vowed to make Belle his wife for she was the only one 
truly worthy of his good looks. Belle's father was an 
inventor named Maurice. That day, he was on his way to a 
inventor's fair. He waved goodbye to his daughter as he 
entered the forrest with his trusted horse, Philippe. 

But Maurice got lost and found himself in a dark frightening 
part of the path. Suddenly a pack of wolves jumped out of the 
shadows and started racing after the poor old man. In his 
haste, Maurice fell off the horse and was face to face with 
the menacing wolves. He spotted a strange castle nearby and 
scrambled to safety. When he entered the castle, he heard 
strange noises. It was Lumiere and Cogsworth a few of the 
Prince's servants under the enchantress' spell. They gave him 
a warm blanket and placed him in front of the large fireplace 
where he met Mrs. Potts and her son Chip But not all the 
castle residents were hospitable. The beast entered the room 
enraged that there was an intruder and carried Maurice away.  

Later, at the village, Belle saw Philippe outside
and alone. Worried, she asked him to lead her to her father. 
She arrived at the castle and called out her father's name
but there was no answer. She finally found him locked up in 
a small dungeon. Just then, the beast entered. Belle pleaded 
that he release him and offered that she would take his place. 
The beast accepted an set Maurice free. When Maurice returned 
to the village, he told everyone what he had seen but no one 
believed him. At the castle, the beast gave Belle a lovely
room to stay in and offered a warning; "You may visit the 
castle as you please, but you are forbidden to go into the 
west wing." The beast asked her to dine with him that night 
but when she refused, he told her that she wouldn't have a 
bite to eat. But the appliances served her a magnifient 
banquet despite the Beast's orders. 

Later, Belle went exploring the castle and against the Beast's 
restriction, visited the west wing. When the beast found her 
there, he was in a fit of rage and ordered her to get out. 
Belle ran away into the woods when a pack of wolves attacked 
her. But the beast had followed her and protected her from the 
animals. Belle and the beast then returned to the castle 
together and Belle tended to his wounds. As the days went by, 
they became friends. Belle read to him and showed him how to 
dance. But Belle seemed sad, she was worried about her father. 
The beast gave her the magic mirror and she saw her father. He 
was alone in the forrest looking for her and he was sick. The 
beast let her go to help him. Back at the village, Belle cared 
for her father. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was 
Gaston and almost all the villagers. He told Belle that if she 
refused to marry him he would have her father locked up in the 
loon. "He is crazy!" he said, "He was ranting about a giant 
beast!" To prove her father wasn't crazy, Belle held up the 
mirror and showed them the beast. Gaston was so jealous that he 
encouraged all the villagers to go kill the beast. "It is a 
monster! He will surely devoure us all!" Gaston led the way with 
an army of villagers.  

Gaston fought the beast high atop the towers of the castle. The 
beast didn't even defend himself. He missed Belle. But she had 
come to save him. "Beast!" she cried. When he heard her voice, he 
felt his strength return. He grabbed Gaston by the throat and told 
him to get out. When the beast had his back turned, Gaston stabbed 
him but lost his balance and fell to his doom. Belle tried to 
comfort the wounded beast but it was hopeless. She begged him not 
to leave her. "No, don't die. I love you." Suddenly the beast 
transformed into a handsome prince. The spell was broken! Belle 
and Beast lived happily ever after.

The End 
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