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dragonballz story

Long ago, little evil magicians used black magic to bring a statue to life. The evil statue became Hirudegarn. Hirudegarn terrorized the planet, and only 2 whistles could control it. Tapion and Minosha, his brother, each played the whistles. While Hirudegarn calmed, a priest cut the monster into two halves. The top half was absorbed into Tapion's body, and the bottom half into Minosha's. Each person was sealed into a box never to be opened so that the monster will never escape, and sent away in space. Years later, Hoi, one of the evil magicians, found one of the boxes and opened it. The bottom half of Hirudegarn was let out and killed Minosha. Now, Hoi seeks the other box to re-unleash Hirudegarn... The Great Saiyan-man team (Gohan and Videl) receive news that a man is about to suicide. The team comes to the rescue and the man is brought down. He tells that it was only an attempt to get the team's attention. Then he tells that he wants a box opened because a hero is trapped inside and is needed to fight a great evil. The box is brought to Bulma's house. After no one is able to open the box successfully, the Z cast agree to gather the dragonballs to wish for the box to open. This is done and Tapion is releashed. Tapion says nothing except that he is the evil. Trunks admires Tapion and wants him to act like his brother. After bringing food to Tapion everyday, Trunks is still ignored by Tapion. One day, Hoi runs in and snatches Tapion's flute. Trunks helps get it back and everyone learns that Hoi is evil. Tapion decides to talk to the others after seeing Trunks help him. At night, Bulma asks him why he's not sleeping and Tapion tells her his story. If he sleeps, the monster inside him might escape. Bulma builds a special room for Tapion to sleep so that the monster can't escape. But, the monster escapes anyway due to Hoi's magic. The next day, the Hirudegarn's lower body combines with his upper body and the monster becomes whole again. Hoi tries to control Hirudegarn, but the monster just steps on and kills him. A battle follows, and our heroes are losing. As the city gets trashed, Goten and Trunks fuse. Super Saiyan level 3 Gotenks attacks Hirudegarn. Hirudegarn stiffens like a rock. Then, a winged Hirudegarn emerges from the cocoon. Tapion attempts to use his whistle to calm the monster, but the whistle shatters. Everyone is beaten, except Gokou. Gokou repeatedly tells himself, "If I can't do it..." Finally, Gokou jumpsup and uppercuts his dragon fist on Hirudegarn. A golden dragon engulfs the monster and destroys it. With Hirudegarn destroyed and peace restored, Bulma makes Tapion a time machine. Tapion gives Trunks's his sword as a gift since he won't be needing it anymore, and travels back to the time when he was shot into space. (In the ending song of this movie, we see Future Trunks use the same sword that was given by Tapion.)
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